HeadMigraine.com is a migraine website and blog dedicated to migraine headache sufferers. According to the World Health Organization, migraines is one of the 10 most disabling illnesses on earth. Migraines impact the lives of over 37 million people in the U.S. and an estimated 138 million people world wide suffer from chronic migraine. Migraine headache is the 3rd most common disease in the world, affecting 1 out of every 7 people globally. While there is no cure we do have hope in the fight against this disease.

The FDA has approved a few new medications to help combat the debilitating affects of migraine headaches. The latest 3 new medications are Nurtec, Ubrelvy and Qulipta. Results have shown that these 3 medications have greatly helped people deal with migraines either while having an attack or preventing a migraine attack. Up until lately migraine sufferers have been at the mercy of home remedies to deal with migraines.

While options for chronic migraine sufferers have improved, still fewer than 5% of people who suffer have been seen by a healthcare provider and received an accurate diagnosis to obtain the appropriate care. Bringing migraine awareness to the forefront can play a vital role. Many people who don’t suffer from such headaches don’t understand the negative impact it has on a persons life. While the statistics are getting better, understanding migraines to the general population still has a long way to go.

Helping Migraine Sufferers Is Our Goal

HeadMigraine.com is dedicated to bringing more awareness and resources through information so more people can properly address their illness and get the treatment and care they desperately need. Nobody should suffer alone, nobody should suffer helplessly. HeadMigraine.com wants to do our part in fighting migraine disease that many people don’t understand. Hopefully through our website we can bring relief to those who suffer daily in finding a better quality of life and a more pain free life in the battle against migraine headaches. We want to welcome you to our blog and join us in our plight.